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IT Services

Commercial IT Services

After all the years, Kingtech Solution has been providing professional computer services, our founder realized that we can actually help more businesses and retails in different categories and industries to succeed. In 2010, Kingtech Solution Inc was found and we mainly provide professional IT services to our commercial clients including managed IT services, office IT support and web design. Our business clients are mainly running business retails, firms and manufacturing industries such as plumbing companies, legal firms, financial companies, restaurants, retails and manufactures in lower mainland.

Kingtech is responsible to manage any kind of IT services for business clients including helpdesk, IT support, network and server implementation and configuration, VoIP Phone service, POS service and web design and development so that our business clients can focus their time on their business and maximize the time to generate more business income. Our service is professional, and is under Service Level Agreement – SLA response time and resolution time and that makes sure our clients can receive proper IT services and solutions in a fast response time.

How outsourced IT Work

IT outsourcing, or buying IT-related functions as a service from a third-party instead of performing the functions in-house, is one way organizations can reduce the time and money spent on infrastructure and operations and dedicate more resources to strategic business initiatives. The point of IT outsourcing is to get the best possible technology and service at the lowest possible cost. Any company looking to offload costs and focus on its core competencies can benefit from IT outsourcing. The key is to outsource in a way that is aligned with the business’s overall goals.     What IT can be outsourced?

  • Computer or Internet-related work such as:
  • Software development
  • Help desk – on-site or remote via phone or web
  • Email
  • Virus, spam and other online threat protection
  • Website hosting
  • Managed server hosting or managed application hosting
  • Infrastructure — i.e., hardware, software and network installation and support
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data center functions like data processing and storage
  • Data back-up, recovery and transfers
  • Strategic planning and asset management


How will outsourced IT service help save the business cost ?

As a general rule, outsourced IT support is more cost-effective than creating an in-house helpdesk. An internal helpdesk would require at least two salaried staff members – and maybe more, depending on your company’s size. Also, if you turn to outsourced IT support, your support contract should describe a service level agreement (SLA). If the company you’re relying on for outsourced IT support fails to hit response and resolution times defined in the SLA, they should face financial penalties.   You will get referral discount when you refer us to your business partners as well.                            

Is outsourced IT company professional?

Outsourced IT support also gives you access to a larger bank of expertise. If you choose a good IT support company, they’ll have staff with experience and qualifications in a whole range of areas. Your outsourced IT support company should always be able to find someone to help, no matter what your requirements. There are other good reasons to choose outsourced IT support too. It frees up time for people in your business to focus on running and growing it. Many companies find that, as they grow, a knowledgeable member of staff ends up becoming the ‘IT scapegoat’.                            

Do I need IT service?

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